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What Is An Endodontist?

September 19, 2021
What Is An Endodontist

Endodontists are specialists that focus on procedures involving the inside of the tooth. While general dentists can handle all sorts of dental needs, some treatments require additional training and a more skilled technique.

Endodontists succeed at helping you maintain a high level of oral care. Here’s why.

Endodontists: What They Do

Root canals are procedures that are vital in resolving any oral health issues that involve decay and infection deep within a tooth. This is where endodontists focus much of their attention. All dental procedures come with some level of difficulty and challenge, root canals can be complex and intricate, requiring skill and experience that a couple of extra years of training provides.

The word endodontic literally means inside (endo) the tooth (odont). So this means that the dental procedures performed by an endodontist involve the inside of the tooth. Besides root canals and root canal retreatments, endodontists are known for handling:

  • Apicoectomies. If after a routine root canal procedure, there are still issues within the tooth, an endodontist may perform an apicoectomy to remove the tip of the root to prevent further infections.
  • Traumatic injuries. In the case of trauma or an accident involving injury, cracked teeth may occur. These need to be addressed so that infection doesn’t settle in or any further issues don’t arise.
  • Internal bleaching. For those who have discoloration due to root canal therapy, internal bleaching can resolve it. And an endodontist handles this procedure.

What it comes down to is that for any dental issues that have to do with the inside of the tooth, your endodontist will know what to do.

When to See an Endodontist

Everyone should have a family dentist. This is the one you visit (or should be visiting) on a regular basis for examinations, cleanings, and to handle dental procedures like fillings, sealants, and the like. Your regular family dentist can even place crowns, do bonding work, and perform root canals. But a family dentist doesn’t have the additional training and even more years of experience in doing root canals that an endodontist does. And when it comes to handling complex root canals, you need someone who knows how to handle them with ease.

In other words, you need an endodontist.

One of the best things about the dental community is that they all work together to give patients healthy, happy mouths. Their goal is for your oral health to soar, so if a specialist is necessary to get the job done, then that’s the step that will be taken.

An endodontist can successfully perform complex procedures deep within the tooth, approach dental work in ways that will bring comfort to the patient even if that means working from a different angle (literally and figuratively), as well as relying on advanced technologies and the latest procedures to achieve the best results.

Let Elite Endodontics of NH Meet Your Endodontic Needs

If you require treatment from a highly skilled endodontist, then it is time you call Elite Endodontics of NH. We are specialists in saving teeth.

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