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What to Expect During a Root Canal Procedure

January 3, 2023
What to Expect During a Root Canal Procedure

Root canal therapy has come a long way over the past several decades. This common endodontic treatment is no longer a procedure to be feared, thanks to significant advancements in techniques and dental technology. As such, if your dentist informs you that you need a root canal, there is no need to panic. Read on to learn what to expect during a root canal procedure using the latest technology. 


Will My Root Canal Hurt?

Endodontists know that millions of people are afraid of dental treatment. However, despite myths that persist, root canals have become completely painless procedures. Your endodontist will ensure that the tooth to be treated and the area surrounding that tooth is entirely numb before beginning your treatment.  


If the thought of a shot to numb the tooth makes you fearful or anxious, sedation options are available from top endodontists. Options for sedation include laughing gas (nitrous oxide) and prescription sedatives that are taken before your appointment. If you suffer from severe dental phobia, I.V. sedation, administered by a Board-Certified anesthesiologist, may also be an option.  


New endodontic techniques, including the GentleWave® Procedure, also ensure your comfort. This minimally invasive technology is effective at thoroughly cleaning the complex root system within a tooth. It can also help preserve more of the natural tooth and expedite healing.  

Steps Performed During a Root Canal

Once your tooth and surrounding area are completely numb, your endodontist will drill a small hole in your tooth to access the pulp. 


Your endodontist will then remove the pulp, including all decay, debris, and bacteria inside the tooth. To ensure that the tooth is completely free of bacteria and decay they may use a technologically advanced tool called an electronic apex locator. These devices allow endodontists to accurately measure the length of the root canal, ensuring no debris is left behind.


Your endodontist will then reshape the canals to prevent future infections before disinfecting the interior of the tooth. If there are signs of a severe infection, an antibiotic medication may be applied.


Next, a putty-like dental material (gutta percha) will be used to fill and seal the tooth.  The tooth will then be covered with a crown. In some cases, you may receive a temporary crown, and return to your dentist for a permanent crown. In other cases,  your endodontist may use CAD/CAM technology to manufacture your permanent crown and place it on the same day. 

Recovery from Root Canal Therapy: What to Know

You may experience tenderness, swelling, and mild discomfort in the days that follow your treatment. However, if you were experiencing severe pain before your treatment, you’ll find that pain is soon alleviated. 


During the days that follow your treatment, you should stick with soft foods and chew on the opposite side of your mouth. You may manage pain with an over-the-counter pain reliever.  If you experience severe pain after a root canal, notify your endodontist.


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